Nutmeg mill birch burl


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Jede unserer Mühlen ist ein Einzelstück mit individueller Form und Maserung. Links sehen Sie mehrere Ansichten derselben Mühle aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln.


Nutmeg mill birch burl 9.5 cm (with crank 12.5 cm)

Due to many requests, we now also offer some nutmeg grinders with our unique design with a square basic shape and slightly concave rounded sides. For these nutmeg mills we use the high-quality Swiss grinder from Strässler. To fill, pull the crank up a little and insert the nutmeg into the opening on the side. Slowly let go of the crank, then the nut is gripped by the driver and can be rasped with the crank.

Birch burl – The wood of the birch is usually very light and simply grained, but there are many special growth anomalies that we like to use for our unique Woodandform salt and pepper mills. Birch trees can be iridescent, wild burls with fine eyes or bush-hammered with interesting discolouration and lines, or, as shown here, with a decorative bark edge.