Woodandform pepper mills – with the best ceramic grinding mechanism on the market

At Woodandform, we chose the Crushgrind® ceramic grinding mechanism because we consider it the best grinder available on the market. WMF, Alessi, Silit and other renowned mill manufacturers also use this ceramic grinder.

A good salt and pepper mill must first of all grind very well. Not at all only black pepper and salt, but also as many other spices that develop more taste by grinding.

Of course, as with any good grinder, you can set the grinding degree individually. With the gray adjusting screw at the bottom of the grinder, every grinding degree can be precisely adjusted from coarse to fine. The good thing is, the setting clics in, so it can not lose adjustment itself again, as is often the case with the cover screws.

Why a ceramic grinder? In any case, there rarely alternatives to grinding salt, because metal grinders quickly become blunt and corroded by the hard salt. Other spices also can cause corrosion and sticking in steel grinders. Therefore, steel grinders were tinned or nickel-plated, which is not safe for health. Today, there are also many stainless steel grinders in different qualities whose cutting over time, however, become blunt too.

CrushGrind® DIAMOND-Shaft ceramic grinding mechanism

Ceramic grinders time ago had a dubious reputation as they could break by rubbing the grinding surfaces due to the hardness. However, Crushgrind® ceramic grinders can not wear off due to their ingenious design. 25 years warranty from the manufacturer and the meteoric success of the company and more than 50 million sales speak for themselves here.

CrushGrind® DIAMOND Shaft Keramikmahlwerk

The construction of the ceramic grinder without cap screw allows a simpler design and easier filling, since you only have to deduct the lid. For our Woodandform spice mills, this has the advantage that the completely concealed mechanism allows our special design.

Although we have not tried all the spices and herbs of this world with our grinders, but many, and it’s amazing what you can grind everything and how much more flavor it produces: red pepper, the otherwise almost no mill grinds and all other types of globular to long pepper (pipali), caraway, cardamom, coriander, chili and anise, all dried herbs such as rosemary, marjoram and herbal salts in any mixture and much more …

Care and cleaning of the ceramic grinder

We have been building the high quality Crushgrind ceramic grinder into our Woodandform salt and pepper mills for over 10 years and have only satisfied customers.

The few problems that existed were either due to incorrect regrind (over 1 cm large salt). Sometimes caused by highly resinous wood or by failure to clean the grinder.

So just as you wash your good dishes off and on, you should also clean the grinder every few weeks. You may brush out or take out and rinse the ceramic parts. Salt can crust over time, so clean your grinder to keep it smooth.

This will give you a lifetime enjoyment of the high quality.