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Jede unserer Mühlen ist ein Einzelstück mit individueller Form und Maserung. Links sehen Sie mehrere Ansichten derselben Mühle aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln.


Golden chain-tree 19,8 cm

Laburnum is a bush that is mostly known from gardens, its yellow flowers hang in great abundance in clusters and actually give the impression of golden rain. These bushes rarely get old and big enough to process the wood. However, if we were lucky enough to get some rare pieces, as here, the wood is characterized by an intense ocher brown color and almost white, light sapwood. At the head of this mill we have integrated drying cracks that no longer change.

The multiple soaking with hard oil offers solid protection and gives the wood structure depth and plasticity. The elaborate surface treatment gives our mills a pleasant, velvety feel.

So that the pepper mills do the best for what they were created for, we install high-quality ceramic grinders from Crushgrind®. Due to the ingenious, wear-free construction, the company gives a 25-year guarantee on its grinder parts. Ceramic is suitable for salts, pepper and spices. Thanks to the uniquely good transport of this grinder, it is also suitable for oily and moist spices such as red pepper. Ceramic is harmless to health and easy to clean.