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Jede unserer Mühlen ist ein Einzelstück mit individueller Form und Maserung. Links sehen Sie mehrere Ansichten derselben Mühle aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln.


Birch burl 16 cm

This mill made from a burl of birch is characterized by its special shimmer in the wood – the wood seems to have literally captured the light.

e grinder lies comfortably in the hand, even with smaller hands.

The bark edge on the lid creates an additional contrast and makes the origin of the wood noticeable thanks to its naturalness.

The multiple treatment with hard oil provides solid protection and gives the wood structure depth and plasticity. Due to the complex surface treatment, our mills have a pleasant velvety feel.
Because we build in the high quality ceramic grinders from Crushgrind®, our salt and pepper grinders can do their best for what they are made for. Due to the sophisticated wear-free design, there is a 25-year warranty on their grinder parts.
Ceramic is perfect suitable for salts, pepper and spices. Due to the unique good transport of this grinder, it is also recommended for oily and moist spices, eg red pepper and chilli also. Ceramic is harmless to health and easy to clean.